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For many years I have had back problems. I had steroid epidurals for at least 10 years. My pain management doctor tried very hard to convince me to have surgery but I resisted. Finally the epidurals would last me for just a few days. My pain management doctor referred me to Dr. Blankenship and he operated. My results were fantastic. I am pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Blankenship for anyone who is contemplating back surgery.

- Delores P


Dr. Blankenship changed my life. In August, 2015, after six weeks of trying alternatives to surgery (medication, spinal epidural, physical therapy), I had an appointment to discuss my progress. Dr. Blankenship noticed the severe muscle atrophy in my left leg due to a large herniated disc around the sciatic nerve and scheduled a lumbar fusion for five days later on August 19.

The surgery went as planned. I was only in the hospital one night. The recovery took longer than any of us had anticipated due to a variety of reasons, but most importantly it did come, and with it came a whole new perspective of what my life could be like.

I began post-operative physical therapy with Trinity PT on August 27, 2015. Steve Flory was the mastermind of my recovery regimen. The entire staff was extremely helpful and encouraging as my body was healing. We calculated that I had lost over 65% of the use of the muscles in my leg. But because of the competence and patience of the PT staff, these muscles started to regain their usefulness. They knew exactly what had to be done, and motivated me to make the progress that they knew could be made.

With each victory, we all gained confidence that a complete recovery was in the offing.

Doc’s APN (Rhonda Findley) was Johnny-on-the-spot when we ran into difficult times during this recovery. We were told to call the office phone number at any hour, day or night, weekday or weekend if we had concerns. If the answering service fielded the call, they would call her cell phone with the message and within a few minutes my wife would be on the phone talking with her. I cannot say enough good things about the entire team at the surgery clinic and the Trinity PT group. Also, kudos to Physicians Specialty Hospital. The staff there all did their jobs in a manner that showed true human empathy.

Not once did I get the “that’s not my table” reply to a request. During the one night I spent in the hospital the nurses made their presence known without being obtrusive. In a phrase, my wish was their command. Another high spot was that when it was time for supper, the staff made certain my wife was delivered her choice of meal from the menu. Often, I’ve heard, the spouse of a patient elsewhere must fend the best she/he can. There was none of that at PSH!

I highly recommend Dr. Blankenship and his team.

- Jim N


My journey with Dr. Blankenship and Rhonda began in 2006. Let me first say, Dr. B is a conservative surgeon. Secondly, I am very physically active which Dr. B quickly learned.

My first surgery was due to a cyst on my spine. We tried PT and spinal injections equally until surgery became the only option. It wasn’t until 2009 this surgery occurred. Dr. B was able to partial correct a curvature in my spine in addition to disc fusion. Recovery at that time, was long! No twisting or bending for 6 months. Walking, walking and more walking along with PT. As promised, I returned to every activity I was involved in prior to surgery.

One year later I was hit by a truck and trailer totaling my car. Again, PT for months, spinal injections to no avail. This surgery was a bit more informative, as this surgery would eventually compromise my spine. It would leave a good disc in between two heavy artificial, fusions. The surgery was better and easier than the first, if that’s possible. I was walking 4 miles a day within 2 weeks. Recovery just got better and better. I had no post surgery problems.

By 2015 I began having symptoms, and we started our normal rounds of PT and spinal injections. I had hoped my spine would have held up a bit longer, but genetics along with the previous car accident time wasn’t on my side

By December of 2015 I could hardly walk, sit or stand. January 2016 Dr. B performed not one but 2 back surgeries. They were scheduled a week apart because the first involved entering through my Abdomen. The second through my side and back. I will not lie, it was a challenge being cut on all three sides, but that was the biggest challenge. After the first week/first surgery, I was walking 2 miles. After the second, Dr. B did not disappoint. I was walking my normal 4 miles in two weeks! It has been 5 months and my entire Lumbar spine is fused. I am cycling, playing tennis, kayaking, circuit training, landscaping and anything else I can find the time and energy to do.

I can NOT thank Dr. B and Rhonda enough for the endless support, contact and exceptional care. I have had a 10 year adventure with them and grateful beyond words. BTW, I am a 48 years old and female.

- Lori B


I would like to say how much I love Dr. Blankenship and his staff, who made a real bad issue into a great one. His staff and himself are amazing. I would not ask for any other Doctor or staff to help with my issue for sure!! I told them that I needed to go back to work by April 2015. I was off from October 24th, 2014 till April 7th, 2015. They helped and made sure I was back to work by then. I had surgery on February 10th, 2015 and was back to work by April thank to Dr. Blankenship and his staff, as well as Trinity Rehab. I LOVE them all and have told everyone about them.

- Kathy H


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