Long-term expectations

After a period of recovery time, Dr. Blankenship may also recommend a postoperative rehabilitation program that could include strengthening exercises, possible cardiovascular conditioning, and a custom-designed program for your work environment in order to get you safely back to work as quickly as possible. How much rehabilitation and what level depends on factors such as the extent of your surgery, age, health, and anticipated activity level.

It’s important to remember that although spinal fusion surgery can be a good treatment for your condition, it doesn’t return your spine to “normal.” Once healed, you will be at the end of that chapter in your spines story, not the end of the story. A lifelong commitment to spinal health is needed. The center of this commitment is exercise.

Your decision whether or not to undergo spinal fusion needs to be made carefully after discussing it thoroughly with Dr. Blankenship, your family, and then weighing your options carefully.